Aftermath Log 1

The party came to Oirin looking for a job. The heralds of Lady Deora claimed good pay for good fighters, and so the motley crew gathered in The Smoldering Ruins Inn. After a few good-natured games and far too many drinks, the characters finally met Sgt. Mahsal, recruiter for the Lady’s army. Having signed up to fight, the group settled back to wait for their orders to move.

They assembled the next afternoon in the town-square. The group now consisted of the migrated Sgt. Mahsal, his corporal (a half-drow named Charis), a rat-faced man named Cyric, and the burly simpleton Joss. The party then assembled and headed out toward the Lady’s seat of Nightfall.

Along the way the party got to know one another. Kiera, the half-elf ranger, spent her time in solitude and drink. Nuana Kornis, a hobber (half-hobgoblin) rogue, laughed and joked, though seemed somewhat naive. Ipster, the human rogue-pistoleer, played his cards close to the vest, as did the migrated swordsage, Mot. The enigmatic and stoic Anast, seemed more interested in swordplay than discussion, in distinction to the wordy antics of the human ranger Sullivan Keth. Yet despite their strange composition, friendships began to form around the campfires, as tales and ales ran their course.

When they had nearly reached their destination, they were shocked when a massive pit opened up in front of the wagon-team and the silence of the Taint erupted in a hail of musketfire. The team dived for cover as they were attacked by gunmen from all sides. Nuana Kornis drew her twin short-swords and charged up the hill toward the attackers to the right, while her companions tried to return fire from their covered positions. Soon the attackers began moving into melee position and the group moved to engage.

The attackers were well armed, but not well-trained, and apart from their gnoll captain, the ambush was quickly dispatched, leaving eight attackers dead, Mot badly wounded, and both Cyric and Joss dead in the road. After dealing with the corpses and retrieving their equipment, the group headed down the road again, bringing with it word of yet another attack and incursions by the forces of Faltak the Lame.

Within 24 hours, the group finally sighted the silhouette of Nightfall on the horizon…



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