Aftermath Log 13

Mortairi arc 2

At breakfast the group was introduced to a new face, a young raven-haired woman called Ashah Morran. The discussion over breakfast fell mostly to the betrayal and Embracing of Sullivan Keth. Beyond the obvious dangers posed by bringing a predator into the party, the group was concerned also with their own distrust of the Kingdom of Shadows and of those who freely ally themselves with it. Adding to these stresses was the knowledge that the turned vampire is thrall to its Sire, meaning that Eoluk was likely to now have control over Sully’s mind – which was likely how he had known about the paperwork they had failed to hand over to him the previous evening.

Meanwhile, in the catacombs beneath the manor house, Sully was undergoing a profound change. Eoluk’s consort, Fahna, asked to be allowed to turn the new brother – a request granted by the Primogen. As he was drained and fed from Fahna’s own veins throughout the next several days, Sully became increasingly aware of new strengths and abilities awakening within him, as well as the growing thirst, a craving so depraved that he could hardly master it. His Sire watched his first attempts at feeding from the her own thralls, careful to pull him away from killing, trying to begin instruction on how to pull back before the act of killing.

He learned also that his own family, House Creliam, was rumored amongst the other clans of the Kingdom of Shadows, to be the fabled 13th clan – the clan that walked with men. Sully learned that the man he believed to be his grandfather, Marcian Creliam – the self-styled Emperor of Harad, was actually much much older than Sully had ever imagined. Further, it seemed that Sully’s turning at the hands of the Eoluki clan might actually have been a severe breach of etiquette, since the clans generally understood that the family connected to the clans was clan blood. It was possible that Fahna’s action could be understood as theft not only against House Creliam, but against the Umbral Throne. Fahna and Eoluk, however, seemed unconcerned. “Blood is blood,” she told him one evening. “The God-king can set the boundaries of our realms and relationships, but no one holds sway over the Hunt – not even the Umbral Throne.”

The remaining group was taken to the manor house for their training. Over the rest of that week Nuana Kornis, Henric Tyrson, and Anast trained with the Eoluki weaponmasters in the Primogen’s Armory. Nuana and Henric chose to increase their own martial training, adding new techniques and weaponry to their arsenals. Anast had intended to train with the swordsages as well, but when they saw the blade he carried and recognized for what it was, Anast was taken on a journey to begin awakening the dormant abilities of the Isbari Glaive. He learned that the Glaive had been the weapon of Isbari Kane, rumored to be the first swordsage and Master of the Nine. His weapon took on and enhanced that abilities of the wielder, and became a burning brand of the Desert Wind discipline in Anast’s hands – who took the blade deep into the bowels of the earth beneath Wight Hall to plunge the blade into a river of molten earth in the midst of a deep cavernous foundry. Ipster was taken into the catacombs beneath the manor house and inducted into a strange esoteric order called the Altegnostic Disciples, who began training him in the arts of shadowdancing – a mystic style of combat based on the drauish art of obfuscation.

The group was surprised at the end of the week by the sudden appearance of their missing comrade. Initially the group pushed his away, refusing to meet with Sully until the middle of the next morning. During this meeting, the group openly rebuked Sully, explaining their distrust and his betrayal. After much debate the group put an ultimatum on Sully. Unless he chose to seek redemption for his own evil, the group would disown him and count him among their enemies. Anast was on the verge of leaving the group in order to allow Sully to seek out his redemption apart from fear of reprisal from Anast’s hand, when Ipster mentioned a line from his own dream in the ruins of Coldstones Keep. This odd snippet caught the attention of Ashah who asked the quote’s source.

After explaining the dream, Ashah pointed out that the speaker sounded like a prisoner, and that the vast desert Ipster described in his dream sounded very much like a part of the Infernal Plane called Pazunia. The group then began to realize the full scope of the dream Ipster and Kiera had shared, and began the process of deciding how to best go about answering the call of the one who called himself the Slayer – possibly the great Dawhain Mortair himself. They decided, with the input from Henric and Ashah, that their best path was through the Red Queen, who could likely also provide crucial assistance in the case of Sully.

Before leaving for Dusk, and the hope of catching a boat to New Haven, Henric, Ipster, and Sully went back to the manor house one last time for Henric to ask a final boon. When asked to wait, Sully went quietly, but immediately, into the catacombs to find a thrall to feed from. After returning, the three were greeted by Fahna, who said that the Primogen was indisposed. Henric asked Fahna if she would relinquish her control of Sully over to him. Confusion, and possibly hurt, played over her features as she asked, “You wish to be free – to withdraw from my Embrace, to cease being one of our Blood? Would that you had asked aught else in all the worlds. But it is the one boon no Eoluki may refuse.” With that she made a small cut on the palm of her hand, and extended it toward Sully while chanting in a strange tongue. Sully began screaming as his body arched then stiffened, small trickles of blood flowing from his nose, his mouth, his eyes, his ears, and so it seemed that every pore of his body was relinquishing droplets of gore forming a blood-haze around his body. And as his screams echoed through the cold hallways, Fahna drew the blood into the cut on her hand until the cloud was gone and a single bloody tear rolled down her cheek. “Take the caitiff with you,” she said, coldly gesturing to the prone shaking form of Sully, before turning noiselessly and disappearing from the chamber.

The next day, the group left Wight Hall behind them, and began a slow trek south to the coastal city of Dusk.



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