Aftermath Log 14

Mortairi arc 3

The party gathered supplies and headed south en route to the city of Dusk. While in transit they were attacked by a group of the shadowy creatures they encountered on their way into Wight Hall. However, before they could attack, the shades were intercepted by the same twisted winged creature who confronted Nuana Kornis and Henric in the alleys of Lamid. Drawing its massive greatsword, the creature quickly dispatched the four Umbral Reavers, and then turned to address the party. “Have you found the Yellow Sign?” it repeated to them again. They explained that they had destroyed the King’s Players, but the creature seemed uninterested. “Have you found the Yellow Sign?!” it demanded again. “Find the Sign. Seek the King. END THE MADNESS!” it growled before disappearing, leaving the party with the growing awareness that they may not have seen the last of the King in Yellow.

Upon reaching Dusk, the group sought out the chapter house of the Order of St. Cyprian. At the chapter house the group was greeted by Sir Laeorn, who was keenly interested in the news the group brought from Lamid and Wight Hall. The group learned that Ian, Mot, and Maegan had never arrived in Dusk, and Laeorn had had no word from them since sending Henric to Gale. The Knight also had cautionary words for the party regarding the changes they were seeing in Sullivan Keth. After resting the night from their journey, the group decided to head toward New Haven in the hope of finding more information about how to seek out the voice that called to them from the dark crypt and to seek salvation for the caitiff, Sully. Henric, however, decided to part ways with the company, both in order to seek the Tome now missing along with Ian, and because of the continued fallout surrounding the betrayal of Sullivan. And so less one companion, the troupe found passage on a ship toward New Haven.

The passage to New Haven led through the Gilaki city of Umbral Haven, where the party disembarked to explore the city. Long before sighting the city of New Haven the Beacon Lights bere seen glowing on the horizon. During the Siege of Kittering, the defenders placed permanent defensive wards on the city’s walls, turning them into walls of holy fire. Though the defenders were now gone by-and-large, the defenses remained. The party landed at the docks and made their way into the city. The group, with the exception of Ipster headed for an area of town called “the Redoubt”, having been told that it is the spiritual center of the city. Ipster, through his contacts, found a potential buyer for the “herbs” recovered in Kiera’s knapsack, and so headed into a section of the city called “the Ruin” to find a tavern call “DelaCroix’s Folly”.



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