Aftermath Log 2

The party arrived in Nightfall, and began the task of acclimating to the new surroundings. This began, strangely, with an adjustment to the flow of life deep within the Realm. The party was surprised to learn that, though they had traveled a full day to reach the Lady’s holdings and were arriving well after sunset, the town of Nightfall was only just beginning to wake up. So as the party tried to find a place to bed down for the night, those around them were looking for breakfast and beginning their day’s work.

In an effort to force themselves into this new pace of life, some of the party tried to stave off sleep as long as possible. Anast set out looking for the grimy underbelly of the town, while others tried to stock up on supplies and provisions and pick up on the local gossip, and Kiera discover that even illicit goods were not able to escape the Taint.

The next evening, as the party began waking up they were given a task by Sgt. Mahsal. On the outskirts of the town was on old rundown house with a shady history. The property had been left alone, but after the disappearance of a notable merchant’s 6 year-old daughter, the Deorans were forced to take notice. The party was dispatched to the house to search for any sign of the little girl.

The house was in an extreme state of disrepair. After being abandoned by its previous own ten years earlier, the home had begun to fall apart. The ceiling had collapsed, taking part of the attic with it. As the party examined the grounds Anast was surprised when several large rats swarmed up out of a well. After dealing with the rats, the party headed into the dilapidated home.

While exploring the party found a thick layer of noxious mold and debris growing, owing to rotted food-stuffs and local wildlife that became trapped. They also found the area being guarded by several zombies intent on keeping the party out of the area. After dealing with the zombies, the party found several old and corroded bottles of wine near what appeared to be a rotted and collapsed trap door. Mot dropped through the door into a watery room below, but was unable to find any other way out of the room. However, when Kiera dropped into the waist-deep water, the party was surprised to find a large humanoid mass of bones, seething in the rank putrid water waiting for her.

After struggling to gain sure-footing in the soggy chamber, the party finally dispatched the bony beast and found a sealed door hidden in the stone walls. Upon opening the door and following a long passage-way the group found a ladder leading up into another dark room. Ipster volunteered to take a look in the room above and was shocked when he came face-to-face with a horrific undead visage. He reacted quickly, leveling his blunderbuss at the creature and firing a massive blast into the monster’s chest, then sliding down the ladder. Unfortunately the monster followed, and an overwhelming noxious stench filled the narrow passageway.

Ipster moved away from the ladder, while Anast moved forward to engage the creature. The ghast and the sword-sage traded blows before the monster fell to the party’s assaults. Moving into the room, the group discovered a treasure chamber, containing an eclectic collection of artifacts dating back before the Taint. This included a goblin’s club which had managed to retain its enhancement, several healing potions, gold pieces and three silver ingots and a jade and alabaster box, inlaid with white gold and mother of pearl, sealed with wax. They collected their items and were overwhelmed with all manner of question about the strange house. Why were these items left so carefully in this hidden chamber? Why were the zombies simply waiting for them to descend the basement steps before attacking? How had the ghast survived locked in this airtight chamber, without any source of food, for so long? And where was this little girl they had been looking for?

The final question was answered when, as they exited, the party took a few moments to search through the remains of the boneswarm in the watery room, and found a simple silver necklace with a very short chain. But upon examining the rest of the house, the party only found rotted floors and sinkholes, but no other clues as to the nature of this place.

They returned with other helpers from Sgt. Mahsal to retrieve the zombies and the ghast, taking them up to the Lady’s bailey for examination. Here they met a woman named Gamef, who seemed to slide through her own shadow as she walked. Gamef explained that the zombies were, in fact, creatures called Thrall, much more akin to flesh golems than to the feeding-dead. They were created by necromancers for simple tasks (like guarding) which they would attempt to complete until they were destroyed. As the light fell more fully over the body of the ghast, the party saw arcane sigils carved into the creature’s flesh. These, Gamef explained, were the marks of a creature called a spellstitched, an undead monster with arcance spells woven into its flesh during creation, giving it the ability to use arcane/divine magics. The Thrall and the Spellstitched ghast were surely creations of the house’s former owner, left to guard his treasures/secrets.

The party was left standing in the courtyard of the Lady’s bailey as the evening approached midnight…



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