• Anast


    A wanderer seeking the downfall of the Kingdom of Shadows... and his own salvation.
  • Ipster


    Short human rogue with a pitted face and fancy pistols
  • Nuana Kornis

    Nuana Kornis

    Jovial and good-nature, the hobber Nuana makes you smile, but you can't help thinking you'd like her to keep her paired short-swords in their scabbards.
  • Ashah Morran

    Ashah Morran

    The Kingdom of Shadows took her family, her home, her past, and her very name. A dedicated Eidonite and faithful worshipper of Yesuchi, Asha carries the scars of her past on her body and in her very name. But the Kingdom will not find her helpless again.
  • Charis


    Reserved, calculating, with a quick wit and quicker trigger-fingers
  • Gamef


    She walked silently towards you, shows trailing in her wake...shadows so deep she seems to walk in them
  • Sgt. Mahsal

    Sgt. Mahsal

    tall, lean, muscled, with a raspy voice and the pale complexion
  • Sullivan Keth

    Sullivan Keth

    Humor glints in the blue eyes of this hooded ranger as you approach. A quick smile flashes and his leather armor creaks as he offers you a hand in welcome.
  • The Apaphos

    The Apaphos

    A solitary figure sits on a rise in the barren Tainted landscape. He sings a dirge for the vanishing of the light, his powerful voice echoing across the wastelands.