A wanderer seeking the downfall of the Kingdom of Shadows... and his own salvation.


Anast – hellbred Swordsage 2

Stats: Str-10, Dex-14, Con-14, Int-10, Wis-14, Cha-910

W/V – 19/14, Defenses Def 16, Fort +2, Ref +5, Will +5

Anast is guarded with leather trappings and a greatcoat, striking from the shadows with his array of bladed weapons and keen knowledge of the Sublime Way.


Anast was, in a past time, the feared bandit and highwayman known as “the Gray Sabre”. Wielding a fiendish mastery of the shadows and the terrors of the sublime way, he brought terror to the people of the Rafan empire. During the battle of Kittering, he was recruited by the twisted fey allied with the Kingdom of Shadows. The Gray Sabre fought with the aberrant hordes, slaying many of Kittering’s brave defenders. After a guerrilla mission into the Kittering sewers, he found himself severely wounded after being struck by a fireball. Reports say it was the legendary Tully who cast the spell; none know if this is the case, but his sin-stained flesh refused to heal. Realizing that the Kingdom of Shadows has no use for the wounded, Anast stole away from the battle, and sought refuge. Three days he wandered, the holy fire searing his every move. Finally, delirious, he entered the Yesuchi’an convent at ‘Ir Ruhak. As he was accustomed to doing, he threatened the nuns with death if they refused to heal him, but within seconds of his threat, he collapsed. Over time, the nuns nursed him back to health. His weakness kept him confined to bed for weeks; even afterwards, his arm was so badly burnt that he could not wield his blade in anger. So he seethed. For the first time in his life, he was weak. Weeks became months. The rich hymnography of the nuns sounded to him like a cacophony. He continually threatened his caretakers, but still they served him. The prayers of the nuns tormented him; how could they seek the good of him, who only brought destruction? Why did they protect him? After the siege of Kittering was broken, the mercenaries hired by the Kingdom of Shadows were dismissed abruptly. Without pay, and unable to return to Kittering or any sort of life in the Rafan empire, most turned to petty theft and banditry. One such brigand was Distyr, a former partner of Anast’s. Distyr wandered the country from job to job, never able to find more than a meal or two’s worth at a time. Finally, he came across the convent at ‘Ir Ruhak. Distyr burst through the gates, hoping that some relic, or even a simple pantry, would get him through the night. From his bed, Anast saw his former partner enter, blades drawn, into the convent where a mercy hitherto unknown had reached him. Anast arose, wounds and all, and took his fiendish, cruelly-crafted blade, named “visceris”, or the flesh-piercer. Anast confronted Distyr, and felt a fire well up from deep within; a piercing sorrow swept him as he saw the wretch Distyr come before him. He stared into his past and saw his damnation. Anast slew Distyr, protecting his innocent hosts, but himself suffered a mortal wound in the struggle. He died shortly after.

What comes of one whose life is defined by death and murder, but yet gives his life for the innocent? A terrible fate awaits them- but not the one expected. For fourteen years, Anast experienced the horrors of the hells, as he was tormented for his sins. His punishment was not absolute, for his last gasp was a righteous one, and so after the fourteen years of punishment had passed, by divine law, he was released from the hells. He emerged stripped of his memories, left with only shadowy, nagging remnants of what seem to be a previous life. His flesh was scarred from the constant flames, but even what remained had been changed. This searing left him with the body of a fiend, but the soul of a saint.

Clothing himself in a black robe to hide his mangled features, and knowing only that he has been given a chance to live in spite of his deserved death, Anast set out for the Taint, in the hopes that somehow, he might strike a deep blow against the Kingdom of Shadows.


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