Short human rogue with a pitted face and fancy pistols


STR 10 Dex 16 +3 Con 10 Int 12 +1 Wis 10 Cha 10

AC 15 WP 10 VP 4

Initiative 7

Fort 0 Reflex 6 Will 0

Blunderbuss TH +4 4d4 Range 30 2 Pistols TH +4 1d8 master rapier TH +2 1d6

appraise 4 Disable device 8 Gather info 5 Knowledge nobility 6 open lock 10 survival 3 use rope 7 athletics 5 aerobatics 8 awarness 5 stealth 8


Ipster is the second born of a minor noble home. Although land holdings are minimal he was aware of his families tradition of controling the lineage of the holding through murder, thus when his father passed away and it did not look good for Ipster to hang out anymore with his eldist brother he fled the family to find his own way in life, forgoing future inheritance he did manage to take two of his families harloom pistols with him.

Ipster has a primary impulse to improve himself and right the world of wrong, however he does not have a strong impulse to obey any specific rules and regulations. He learned at a young age that he had a propensity to sneak around and cause mischief and prefers to not take a leadership role.

Scarred from a youthful desease Ipster is not pleasant to look at and he remains closed off from strangers. He does not desire the lime light but rather desires to work behind the scenes and gain fortune.


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