Nuana Kornis

Jovial and good-nature, the hobber Nuana makes you smile, but you can't help thinking you'd like her to keep her paired short-swords in their scabbards.


Nuana Kornis – female half-hobgoblin rogue

Stats: Str-12, Dex-16, Con-14, Int-12, Wis-10, Cha-9

W/V – 14/14, Defenses Def 15, Fort +2, Ref +6, Will +0

Nuana carries paired short-swords and a light crossbow, as well as having several daggers secreted about her person, hidden under her crimson twist-cloth armor.


Oldest child of Drushanna and a hobgoblin bartender from the town of Theira. She grew up hearing the stories of her uncle Hans, and his and her mother’s adventures with Annissa, Tully, and the man who became St. Eidon. She has always wanted to see the world and so on her 15 birthday her parents gave her permission to go out into the world to explore and find out what happened to the heroes in all her childhood stories.

Following those stories, she found her way into the service of Lady Deora as a mercenary in her fight against Faltak the Lame.

Nuana Kornis

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