Sullivan Keth

Humor glints in the blue eyes of this hooded ranger as you approach. A quick smile flashes and his leather armor creaks as he offers you a hand in welcome.


Stats: STR- 14 DEX-16 CON-10 INT-12 WIS-10 CHA-10

HP: 10 Wound Points, 34 Vitality Points

Defense: AC – 18 Touch AC – 13 Flat-Footed AC – 14 Initiative – 5 Grapple – 8

Saves: FORT – 5 REF – 8 WILL – 2

Base Attack Bonus: 6,1

Weapons: Composite Longbow (Attack 11,6 Damage 1d8+2 Crit 20 x3)
Great Sword (Attack 8,3 Damage 2d6+2 Crit 19-20 x2)

Armor: Masterwork Studded Leather (DR 2 v Slashing)
Grey Cloak (DR1 v Ballistic)

Feats: Track, Endurance, Rapid Shot, Precise Shot, Many Shot, Quick Reconnoiter, Weapon Focus


Sullivan Keth

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