Dreams in the Ruins

Thus far, the party’s dreams have tended to be strange and usually filled with words of inspiration brought by the wander they now call the Apophos. But as the group slept in the ruins of Cold Stones Keep, they each found themselves confronted by images they could neither explain nor dismiss, some horrifying, some confusing, but nearly all involving the drowned city they had all seen some nights earlier.

Mot saw a strange image of a ruined city in the midst of a battle. She saw a young woman calling herself Lyshkara, filled with a blinding light, unmake a Primogen. She feels that this woman in connected to her own quest, and tells the party that she will be leaving them soon, to journey on toward New Haven.

Keira and Ipster found each other in a strange desertscape, staring across a bleached burned horizon, the air filled with hideous creatures. They heard a voice calling to them across the desert which entreated them to free him, a voice they heard again in a deep dark chitinous crypt. “Free me!”

The last three dreamed of a great cyclopean city of titan blocks and sky-flung monoliths – strange hieroglyphics covering the walls. It is a city indescribale in terms of “buildings” and “structures”, but rather as though put together with an otherworldly geometry, sky-clawing towers of angles and planes which cannot be, buildings of twisted menace and carven rock of bizarre and nameless shape and design.

Anast found himself standing next to the Apophos, staring across a “city so large that all the cities in the waking world are merely its shadow. Its name is Carcosa.” The Wanderer told him that the King is stirring, and entreated Anast to seek His sign and to end the madness.”

Sully too saw a vast city in twilight, and listened to an old man singing a lament for “lost Carcosa”, the tune giving him the sense that it was drawing him deeper and deeper into the city.

Nuana saw the same city, but rather than comfort or nostalgia, she felt horror and despair. She saw perverse creatures flying through a stormy sky, and the vast city filled with denizens called forth by the beating of their drums to filled the streets with revels and orgies, blood and madness, and the din raised to such an overwhelmed pitch that she screamed herself, and the rest of the party, awake to find themselves staring into the bleak dawn in the deepest midst of the Corthyn Morass.

Dreams in the Ruins

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