Kingdom of Shadows

The Kingdom of Shadows refers to the subterranean empire that emerged in the 55th year of the 2nd Age. The Kingdom is believed to be controlled by a ruler known only as the God-king of Night or as the Dread-Lord of the Umbral Throne. The Kingdom is divided in nine terrestrial duchies, or Realms, each controlled by a primogen. The Nine Realms are:

  • Aog – lands north to the borders of the Iron Fist Hegemony and south to the Bay of Cairmohn, and from the Auguan River east to the sea.
  • Anros – lands from Auguan River east to Avud Khatsi, and south from Aog holdings to the Gulf of Sho’ar. Includes the vassalage of New Haven.
  • Ryial – Western lands of Avud Khatsi and the capitol of Stonecrest.
  • Dorchadas – Eastern lands of Avud Khatsi.
  • Gilak – holdings surrounding the port city of Umbral Haven.
  • Eoluk – land west of the Gulf of Sho’ar.
  • Deora – shares northern border with Aneeliel and the Raphan Empire. Bordered by Eoluk to the east, Faltak to the south, and Ryin to the west.
  • Faltak – called the Lame, controls the marshlands north of Tir Aflan and east of Eoluk.
  • Ryin – the western jungles and marshlands

The Nine Realms of the Kingdom of Shadows are allied, in spite of internal conflicts over specific border delineations. They are each ruled and governed by the Primogen. It is believed that both the God-king and each of the Primogen share vampiric heritage, though it is not known to what extent.

The only official belief of the Kingdom is the Imperial cult worship of the God-king. Whether this is related to genuine belief or custom is not known as only one recorded account of the visage of the God-king exists, during the negotiations at the Fall of Kittering.

Kingdom of Shadows

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