The term Migrated refers to those persons who have been brought into the Kingdom of Shadows as full citizens through the ritual of crucimigration. The foul arcane process was initially used by the Kingdom of Shadows as a weapon for building their empire, turning vast numbers of conquered creatures into their undead vassal. More recently, though, the passage in citizenship in the Kingdom has been valued as a high-honor, and is now reserved only for those who have rendered great service to the Umbral Throne.

The ritual begins with the victim being crucified on cursed spikes. This crucifixion can last for days, as life slowly drains out of the creature. The fell magic used to create the Migrating Stakes slowly contorts both the body and soul of the victim. Then, as the creature takes its last breath, the overseer plunges a third stake through the victim’s heart, invoking dark powers and darker names. At moonrise, the newly-created Migrated awakes to a new undead existence.

The Migrated have pale-white skin, and dried gaunt features. They tend to retain the culture and tastes they enjoyed in life. Their tend to be pale white, with a slight glow. Those who took citizenship willingly tend to proudly bare their scars, while those who had Migration forced upon them generally hide both the evidence of the Ritual and any evidence of their undead natures.

Game Statistics

Migrated is a template that may be added to any creature. The ritual of crucimigration and its subsequent death/raise dead cause the creature to permanently lose one level. This cannot be restored using any spell. It is a permanent sacrifice tied to the ritual itself

Size and Type Size remains unchanged. The creature’s type changes to undead.

Hit Dice Increase to d12.

Special Qualities Migrated have a +2 bonus to their Will saving throws, a testament to their resilience to the torture they have already endured. They also has +2 turn resistance. Migrated heal at the same rate as living creatures, and negative energy heals them. Migrated also gain low-light vision if the creature did not previously possess it.

Abilities Same as base creatures, except that as undead Migrated have no Constitution score.


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