Nightfall is the seat of House Deora, controlling the lands given to Lady Deora in honor of her service to the Umbral Throne during the Siege and Fall and Kittering. While not particularly populous (the township and surrounding county is home to around 900 humanoids, and another 300+ undead, mostly Migrated), the town itself has become central to the Kingdom of Shadows. Located directly south of both the elvish forests and the lands claimed by the Raphan Empire, Nightfall served as a final staging area for early attacks by the Umbral Throne against its enemies.

Now, with borders stationary and conflict cooled, the town serves as a hub for merchants moving between lands controlled by the Raphan Empire and those in the hands of the Kingdom of Shadows.

The town itself is built in the shadow of Cnoc na Anam, once a place of power for the surrounding tribes, and now the bedrock for Nightfall Cast, a motte castle whose walls now protect the bailey towns as well. The township is controlled by Lord Darzemaan, who serves as mayor in the Lady’s absence.

Current border disputes between Lady Deora and Faltak the Lame have increased the military presence in and around Nightfall.


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